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  • The Soissons NMEF Ni-Cu-Co project is located from 50 to 100 kilometers southeast of the town of Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Quebec.The Soissons Ni-Cu-Co project is located approximately 150 kilometers south-east of Kuujjuaq, Quebec, and 250 kilometers west of the Voisey’s Bay mine, Labrador.


  • The project contains 31 claims in three separate blocks. The project is a joint venture between Midland and the Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund (NMEF).


  • Contains a series of mafic intrusions of the Soissons suite.
  • Recent geochronological work by the Geological survey of Canada recently returned an age of 1311±1.1 Ma for the Soissons suite, close to the age of the Voisey’s Bay troctolite (1332.7±1 Ma), host to the world-class Ni-Cu-Co Voisey’s Bay deposit. The Soissons intrusions also belong to the Nain plutonic suite (1330 to 1290 Ma).
  • Unexplained Ni-Cu lake sediment as well as till anomalies are associated with the Soissons intrusions.
  • Very little previous exploration in the area.


  • 50% Midland, 50% Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund (NMEF). The NMEF is the operator.